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We eloped!

James and I married ourselves at our most sacred temple in Colorado. Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We fell in love over music, concerts, and the Rocky Mountains. It felt appropriate to include our beautiful home in this way. We greeted the sun at sunrise; and with the ancient rocks, the juniper trees, a Magpie, and the Crows as our witness, we entered the sacrament of marriage. 


To celebrate the rites, with wedding attire in tow, we traveled to the United Kingdom to continue our dream nuptials. We celebrated our love frolicking around castles, luscious gardens, ancient ruins, gothic and royal cities, and the most magical landscapes we have ever seen. We concluded our journey on the Isle of Skye where we had an ethereal photoshoot taken by Belle Art Photography.


Our elopement story was a real life fairytale, and we are so excited to share it with you. You can read about each stop of our United Kingdom adventure and see behind-the-scenes pictures here. To see our otherworldly photographs from Skye, visit the gallery

With Love,

Kristy and James



Kristy and James_Isle of Skye_Belle Art

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." - Rumi

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