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First stop, Arundel Castle!


We picked up a car in London and headed to West Sussex, England where Arundel Castle lives. James’ great-great grandfather, Walter, worked as a butler for the Duke of Norfolk at the castle in the late 1800's. We've been eagerly awaiting our chance to visit, and it finally arrived!


We arrived to cathedral bells greeting us at the castle, and they rang the entire time we were there. The castle grounds were lovely. The most exquisite of gardens. Wisteria climbed the walls while a tapestry of tulips, daffodils, and forget-me-nots lined the ground. 

We were greeted in the entryway of Arundel Castle by Walter's coat. His signature was even on display from the interior of the jacket. 

The castle was grand. A portion is open to the public, but the castle is still lived in today by the 18th Duke and Duchess of Norfolk, and their children.

Arundel was our first England town we have ever visited. It's a quiet, quaint town. A population of 3,400. The buildings are older than anything in the States. There's so much to discover with every step. The walls grew flowers and the houses greeted us with their names. This old English town was oozing with charm. 

Our first English pub experience was at a delicious spot called, Black Rabbit. Here, we had our first Scotch Egg. Kristy also had her first meat pie and mash (of many). We tried minted peas with gems and that was a dish that will follow us home.


We stayed at this lovely hotel in Arundel. The Swan. Two beautiful swans live out on the River Arun, just a two minute walk from the Inn.


We had our first English Breakfast of the trip here at The Swan, in their pub downstairs. It was unforgettable! 

Next stop: Stonehenge!

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