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Glastonbury (Avalon)

After Stonehenge, we set off to Glastonbury in Somerset, England. AKA the Ancient Isle of Avalon if you want to play in an Arthurian daydream. We happened to stumble upon King Arthur’s Tomb at the Glastonbury Abbey, and maybe you can only see it if you believe in the legend, but we have a picture - so it happened.

The Glastonbury Abbey was a monastery that dates back to 712 and was in use until 1539. The ruins are magnificent, and the grounds are breathtaking. You can take a tree tour to meet 440 intentionally planted trees. We got to meet the Glastonbury Thorn! Legend says that this tree sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea when he arrived in Glastonbury. To locals, it’s known as the Holy Thorn. It’s biflora, meaning it blossoms twice a year. Once around Christmas, and then again while we were there in Spring. It was a beautiful sight and our first time meeting a Hawthorn. It was quite the introduction!


In Glastonbury, we had our first English Gin cocktail and ate a wonderful Mediterranean and Middle East inspired dinner at a restaurant called Queen of Cups. We stayed at a hotel called the George and Pilgrims from 1439. It had vibes!

Glastonbury is a blast, and we could go on forever about the splendor of this mystical spot. The magic of Avalon is alive in this energetic town!

Next, we head to: Bath!

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