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Isle of Skye

When a place calls out to you as loudly as Skye did to us, you answer that call. There was no doubt in our minds that Skye is where we wanted to have our wedding photos taken and finalize the ritual. The vision of what we wanted our wedding to look like was implanted in our minds, and we brought it to reality. A literal dream come true!

Skye is about 50 miles long and 25 miles wide, so we were able to explore a good amount of the Isle. The landscape is unlike anything we've ever seen before. So dramatic. Rolling green hills and fields with massive craggy outcroppings everywhere. You almost always have a view of the sea. The sky seems bigger... closer. The clouds hang low, you can almost breathe them. When we hiked the Quiraing, it felt like we were in the sky. 

Oh, and the sheep! They were literally everywhere! It was also lambing season. It was adorable.

And the gardens. So wild and free. Not as manicured and proper as the English ones. These were the gardens at Dunvegan Castle.

The food on Skye was sensational. Most of the food is homegrown, locally sourced, and caught that day. We were totally surprised to learn that Skye is a foodie destination. We ate some of the best meals of our lives here. The oysters were out of this world!

We also visited a Scotch Distillery - Talisker Distillery. Their slogan is "Made by the Sea."

The Isle of Skye was a fairytale. According to local folklore, this is where the fairies live, after all.


We had the time of our lives. This stained dress is proof of that!

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