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The royal city of London. We loved London. The main point of attraction that we wanted to see was Temple Church, which was the English headquarters for the Knights Templar. It was an asylum for Pilgrims coming and going from Jerusalem during the Crusades. A portion of the temple, the Round Church, "was designed to recall the holiest place in the Crusaders’ world: the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem." (source: Temple website)

We had a short time available, but we maximized it. We walked over ten miles exploring the city. We arrived days after the King’s Coronation, so we got to ride on those Royal coattails a bit which was special.

The other main point of interest that we wanted to see were Queen Mary's Rose Gardens. There are 12,000 roses planted. It was spectacular. Total garden inspiration. There were also British Rose-Ringed Parakeets that lived here, and that was a surprise to see parrots in London!

We had a fabulous English dinner at The Mayflower Pub, one of London’s oldest pubs. The actual Mayflower was docked here on the River Thames before sailing off for the New World. The pub was very romantic and played the best music.

Away to Scotland we go. Click here for Edinburgh!

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